Oluwaseyi Sosanya

Bringing ideas to life has always been restricted by the awkward transition from three-dimensional (3D) thoughts to two-dimensional methods of design. However, Oluwaseyi, Co-Founder of Gravity Sketch, is working on an easier way. His novel software lets people effortlessly sketch and develop concepts in mid-air.

Gravity Sketch allows users to conceptualise their thoughts using only gestures and touch, and without having to learn complex computer-aided design (CAD) programs. By exploiting emerging opportunities in immersive technology, such as virtual reality, the software creates a new, simple way to craft digital 3D content.

Oluwaseyi SosanyaThe team at Gravity Sketch places a strong emphasis on the user experience  and is committed to creating useful, time-saving tools for designers and engineers. The software has attracted interest from the automotive industry with adaptations tailored for this market that allow designers to create freely, while improving the quality of information received by technicians. This ability to be seamlessly integrated into real-world engineering workflows sets Gravity Sketch apart from alternatives in the digital 3D design space.

The product’s adaptability makes it a powerful addition anywhere that art, design and engineering intersect. It was recently launched online and has sparked interest from users in a diverse range of industries, from computer-generated imagery (CGI) to furniture design.

Seed funding and support from Innovate UK have already been awarded to support developments at Gravity Sketch. Oluwaseyi was awarded a 2017 Enterprise Fellowship to help him bring the product to market.

“Not only has the Enterprise Hub opened me up to new professional networks, it has also helped me to readily access knowledge that is accelerating our efforts to bring our innovation to market."

Oluwaseyi Sosanya