Webinar: How to create speedier and more nimble strategies

Successful enterprises react quickly and ideally pre-empt disruption, which requires a change in approach and culture. Building on an understanding of agility, this workshop uses case studies and tools to help enterprises implement successful change.

Participants learn the difference between deliberate and agile approaches to business and build on their business model to identify different growth options and be able to test those options.

This approach supports small refinements to larger pivots of a business model by:

  • Considering the three fundamentals in a constantly changing market: what is the problem, who has the problem and what is your solution?
  • Understanding the strategy behind pivoting: has the problem changed; has the customer changed; does the solution need to change?
  • Deciding what organisational changes are required to be nimbler and more sustainable
  • Learning how to test your assumptions, incorporating the learning and implement change quickly. 


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