marketing blog

How to market your tech startup

Through our startup and scaleup programmes, we know that marketing can often be a weak spot for technical founders, so we've put together an easy introduction to marketing for any startup founder.

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Reverse Pitching event

What investors want: five common founder questions answered

Each year, we host a 'Reverse Pitching' event where we bring together investors and funders and tech entrepreneurs together to help de-mystify the fundraising process. Here are some key take-aways from our 2018 event.

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Negotiation blog

Think you don’t need negotiation training? Think again.

Serial entrepreneur David Falzani makes the case for why you shouldn't ignore the importance of negotiation training.

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Dick Whittington

Digital innovation and entrepreneurship: how we should teach students to bridge the UK's startup skills gap

Hub Mentor and serial entrepreneur Dick Whittington shares the motivation and aims behind his new book, "Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship".

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Why engineering students need softer skills to succeed

Students need more than just technical and engineering knowledge to succeed - employers are also looking for what are generally known as "soft" skills. How can university courses teach these skills? Could business competitions provide the answer?

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Connecting a Better Mousetrap: why the best technology doesn’t always win

Having a better product than your competitor doesn't always guarantee success. Why?

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Elspeth Finch

Innovators Network: Softly does it for a successful partnership

Elspeth Finch explores what it takes to make a successful partnership in business.

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