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11 Jun 2020

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In May, the Enterprise Hub invited Anderson Anderson &Brown Consulting (AAB) to host our 'Create a new business norm from Covid-19' session as part of our 'Building Future Resilience' webinar series, discussing the impact of the virus on businesses and how they survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world.  It focused on how building business agility could help business owners deliver the ‘next normal’. 

Being aware that there are numerous sources of advice available to businesses at the moment – particularly in relation to finance, government support, remote working and workplace risk assessments – AAB Consulting decided to share insights that were different or at least from another perspective. The consultancy shared experiences of, and a framework for, building business agility, pointing out that it is as relevant for engineering businesses as it is for those in retail or professional services businesses.  The framework has the following components:

1.      Planning – including continual review and re-planning in response to change.

2.      Customers – challenge what you know about what your customers value.

3.      Delivery – test and learn quickly. It doesn’t always have to be perfect.

4.      Data (and technology) – push yourself to get comfortable and capable.

5.      People – support and develop your ‘T-shaped people’.

The webinar explored these five components, discussing how they help build agility within a business enabling it to respond to, adapt to and survive disruptions and shocks. Attendees shared some thoughts on changes they had seen in customer behaviours, such as cancelled orders and in-progress quotations, as well as fewer interactions. They also identified desirable capabilities in their own teams – those that their businesses will need going forward – including horizontal thinking, personal resilience and flexibility, and “being very open to pivots and change”.

AAB Consulting also shared some take-outs that would help webinar attendees consider how they build agility into their business. They can be found here, on the AAB Consulting website.

Due to our role as a national Academy, we're offering Covid-19 guidance and support to all engineering and technology startups across the UK through our free 'Building Future Resilience' webinar series. If you would like to sign up to attend, please see here for upcoming webinars. 


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