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07 Dec 2021

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At Horizon37, we have been behind the scenes, supporting the Enterprise Hub team to catalyse the impact of its Shott Scale up Accelerator programme.

We have contributed extensive pro bono support to augment and enhance the impact of a bespoke version of our Transform Together™ programme in the form of the People and Culture module on the Scott Scale-Up Accelerator programme. Our successful programme unites a cohort of peers to transform leadership performance and achieve business results.

Also, our coaches have delivered our Valuable Mentors™ programme for some of the Academy mentors engaged on the Enterprise Hub and Research programmes. Our programme enables mentors to discover for themselves what will make a difference to their performance, and take focussed action to improve in priority areas to get results with their mentees.

“I've mentored for over 30 years and this prompted me to think about my style in a structured manner.” - Dragan Savic, RAEng Fellow (Research programme mentor)

At Horizon37, we introduced bespoke 1:1 coaching interventions for Shott Scale up Accelerator participants stuck with specific business challenges, instigated creative ways to connect on Zoom, and provided follow-on coaching for mentors, who participated in Valuable Mentor sessions, keen to maximise their value on Academy programmes.

Of particular note, at Horizon37, in addition to the existing tools the Academy deploys to engage Hub Members we have brought brand new methodologies for systematically connecting and engaging the Shott Scale Up Accelerator awardees  , including: workshop exercises to connect and engage cohorts together (e.g. Kryptonite, purpose capture, successes group review); the buddy programme we designed and launched; the use of WhatsApp to foster valuable interaction between formal touch-points. This innovation has allowed the participants of the Shott Scale Up Accelerator Programme, not only to access the cutting edge content and practical insight Horizon37 brings in the People and Culture modules, but also to make meaningful and valuable peer interactions, and to embrace the opportunities from mentoring by Academy Fellows.

We are grateful to have worked with the Enterprise Hub team to produce a seamless experience for Shott Scale up Accelerator participants and to have delivered ‘Valuable Mentors’ sessions for the mentors engaged with the Enterprise Hub in summer 2020. 


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