'Call me an inventor with a business edge'

02 Jan 2014

Sonobex founder and Enterprise Fellow Daniel Elford contributed to this report for The Times on the importance of bridging academia and entrepreneurship. Here, he discusses the steep learning curve he has been on with the support of his Mentor at the Enterprise Hub. Read the full article from The Times here or excerpt follows:


(excerpt from the article)

Times article graphic

 Founder Daniel Elford is now an “enterprise fellow” at the Royal Academy of Engineering with £85,000 seed funding and 12 months of salary support under his belt.

Dr Elford was studying for his doctorate in engineering physics at Loughborough, specialising in acoustics and noise-reduction technologies, when he was approached by his supervisor and told to patent the work. With no commercial experience, he has been on a steep learning curve ever since.

“I’d never thought of starting a business and I didn’t think about protecting my intellectual property until I was told to file a patent,” he says. “Before that I had done one module in my degree called ‘business skills for scientists’, which was basic stuff.

“Since then I have been on a crash course with the Royal Academy and Cambridge University Business School, but I’ve also done a lot of learning on the job, for which there is no substitute in developing your skills.”


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