Call for proposals: evaluation of the Enterprise Hub's SME Leaders Programme

14 Apr 2019

Deadline to submit proposals: Midday, Monday 20 May 2019

This tender is to appoint an organisation to conduct a formal evaluation of the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub's SME Leaders Programme to evaluate the impact of the programme's activities on its awardees. 

Interested organisations are requested to submit a proposal to measure the following areas:

1.   The extent to which the SME Leaders Programme is uniquely positioned to support engineering and technology entrepreneurs in the UK.

2.   Impact and effectiveness of the one to one leadership coaching, training workshops and mentoring on the SME leaders’ capabilities to scale up their company.

3.   Value for money – an assessment based on the objectives of the programme.

4.   How the SME Leaders Programme format, content and effectiveness compares with other similar programmes, primarily in the UK, but also best practice globally.


What is your budget?

We are unable to disclose the budget as we would like to test the market. However, we suggest what you offer a ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ option on a sliding financial scale, and give us an estimation of how much each of the options would cost depending on intensity/resources/etc. This isn’t obligatory, you are also welcome to submit one plan with a set price.

Who will be reviewing the applications?

The proposals will be reviewed by three members of RAEng staff: SME Leaders Programme Manager, Head of Enterprise and Senior Policy Advisor of Research & Innovation.

Is there a particular page limit/length or format in mind for the proposal?

No, there is no particular limit or format, although pdf is requested.

How many people are there to potentially interview?

We have 53 SME leaders from the programme, around 20 active mentors and selection panel members, and approx 10 stakeholders.

How many unsuccessful applicants have there been, and are you able to pass on their contact details (or contact them on behalf of the evaluation team)? 

As we run a competitive programme we have had a number of unsuccessful candidates. We will contact the unsuccessful candidates. We will not be passing on any contact details. Where necessary we will contact past unsuccessful candidates on behalf of the evaluation team in line with our data management policies. 

Will any other characteristic information from the application forms (eg employment, turnover, funding raised) be made available to the evaluation team? 

All information necessary to carry out the evaluation of the SME Leaders Programme will be provided in line with the relevant Academy policies. 

Please review the full tender document here:
SME Leaders Programme evaluation tender

Contact details

Please submit your proposal or any questions to: 


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