Hub Media Round up: August 2020

01 Aug 2020
Hub Media Round up 3

  • Qualis Flow CEO Brittany Harris has been selected as a finalist for the Young Sustainability Executive of the Year category of the Business Green Leaders Awards 2020! See the other finalists here.
  • SurePulseMed has secured £1 million from existing and new private investors help scale up their the SurePulse VS, a wireless heartrate monitor, the world's first monitor specifically designed for new-born babies. Find out more here.

  • Dr Francesco Montomoli, CEO of ToffeeAM has successfully secured £1 million seed funding for their #3DPrinting design optimisation innovation, which is of particular use to the aerospace and automotive industries. Learn more here.

  • What is digital twins? Why are simulations important? David McKee, CEO of Slingshot Simulations participates in an online discussion with the Open Data Institute, about the benefits and challenges of delivering simulations and digital twins as a service. You can watch along here.
  • Medisieve are MedCity's company of the month! See their blog about their innovation and about their involvement in treating Covid-19 here.
  • Jelly Drops have been featured in Alzheimer's Society's blog. Jelly Drops is a sweet treat designed to boost water intake for those that need it. During Covid-19, the team have worked hard to make their sweets available to the most vulnerable people in society.

  • How can a football game can have crowd noises when there are no crowds? Salsa Sound have developed a virtual crowd app which was used by Manchester City Football Club to add crowd sound to highlights of a recent game. The highlights clip received more than 2 million views in the first 24 hours of being released. To learn more, see here.

  • Fusion energy providers Tokamak Energy have been awarded £10m government funding from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to scale up their clean fusion energy business. Their goal is to generate clean and abundant fusion power by 2030. See more here.

  • Kenoteq are on a mission to change the construction world with their eco-friendly bricks are made from construction waste. The production of these bricks also produce less than a tenth of the carbon emissions of conventional bricks. See the CNN article which gives an insight into their eco-bricks business here.

  • Is hydrogen the future of energy? Enass Abo-Hamed, CEO of H2Go Power talks to The Economist about her hydrogen harnessing innovation and how it will contribute to combating climate change here.
  • Axial 3D have been featured on the BBC new website, on their 3D printed models of a Covid-19 patient's lungs. Doctor's have been able to evaluate the long-term anatomical damage on the lungs based on these models. To see the lung models, click here.

  • Cambridge GaN devices are leading a €10.3m project to deliver the most energy-efficient GaN power modules in lighting, motor drives, converter blocks for renewable energies and more. To learn more about the project, see here.
  • CCm Technologies are now partnering with Yorkshire Water in a world first for waste water treatment - their technology will stabilise nitrogen and phosphate held within the waste treated at the plant and turn them into sustainable plant nutrients. To learn more about this partnership, see here.

  • Innersight Labs' AI powered 3D anatomical models are helping clinicians deal with the post-lockdown backlog of cancer surgeries. Learn how here.
  • Academy Fellow and Chair of the Enterprise Committee David Cleevely featured in Digital Bulletin's 'A Life In Tech' feature. Here he talks about his three decades in the engineering and technology sector.


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