Hub Media Round-Up: June 2021

01 Jul 2021

Enterprise Fellows 2021 June

We recently welcomed 12 new engineering entrepreneurs to the Enterprise Fellowships programme.

  • Hub Member HindSight have been featured in a podcast - founders Alex MacDonald and Olympian Callum Skinner chat to Atom CTO about their cycling innovation, a revolutionary set of eyewear that will help cyclists stay safe on the road. Listen to it here.
  • Get to know our 12 newest Enterprise Fellows! You can learn more about their company and their innovations on our LinkedIn channel here.
  •  Hub Member Porotech have created a new class of semiconductor material, which has raised £3 million in funding. To date, the company has raised £4.5 million for their pioneering and revolutionary new class of semiconductor material. To learn more about the investment and their plans, see here
  •  Such fantastic news! Hub Member Porotech have raised £3 million in funding for the next stage of development of their unique micro-LED production technique, which enables brighter, sharper, vivid displays for smart devices such as phones and watches. Learn more about their innovation here.
  •  Huge congratulations to Hub Member and biotech startup MediSieve - they have raised an additional £1.8 million in funding for the first-inman trials investigating the safety and efficacy of the company's product. Learn more.
  •  Congratulations to Hub Member Notpla - they've just won the Cannes Lions' 2021 Grand Prix for Design Packaging. To see the full list of winners here.
  • Check out 'Exploring Entrepreneurship' by Strathclyde Inspire - they get down to business with Hub Member Vicky Hamilton, inventor of Recoil Kneepads. Here she talks about abandoning the traditional graduate scheme route to launch a successful business. Watch the interview here
  • We're passionate about making our cities smarter, safer and more sustainable, says Mark Nicholson, CEO of Hub Member Vivacity Labs. Here, he talks to CiTTi magazine on their recent partnership with Transport for West Midlands and 5G West Midlands. Read it here.
  • Hub Member Airex vents, an energy efficient smart home technology company, has raised new funding from Barclays' Sustainable Impact Capital initiative, set up to back startups that are focused on sustainability and net zero. Learn more
  • Cross River Partnership, a non-profit organisation working to deliver positive change for London's residents, businesses and visitors, has partnered with Hub Member Vivacity Labs to demonstrate the impact of streetscape interventions in the capital. Learn more
  •  Hub Member Intelli Digest will be launching The Global Food Loss and Waste Tracker on 18 June to mark World Sustainable Gastronomy Day celebrations during London Circular Economy Week - which they are also sponsoring! .
  •  Carbon capture and utilisation company and Hub Member CCm Technologies have secured £2 million funding from Innovate UK. This government contract will support the acceleration of the agriculture and industrial sectors emissions reduction efforts. 
  •  Powering flights with hydrogen - is it a possibility? Hub Member H2Go Power features in this piece by Ian Mundell at Grantham Imperial College on the innovators that are shaping our vision of the world in 2050. Read it here.
  •  This year Sutton Council and RB Kingston announced their partnership with Hub Member Vivacity Labs, using AI and IoT tech to provide anonymous data on transport modes and movement patterns as part of the InnOvaTe Project. Learn more here.
  •  Novares, a global plastic solutions provider for the automotive industry, has signed a Joint Development Agreements with Hub Members Tribosonics and TG0 in the fields of sensor technology and intuitive user interfaces. Learn more.
  •  We're keeping our fingers crossed for Hub Member Crover - they have been named as a finalist for the Royal Society of Chemistry's Emerging Technologies Competition for their grain swimming robot! Learn more
  • Congratulations to Hub Member Koalaa Community - they are celebrating after securing investment from British Design Fund, to help bring its soft and innovative prosthetics  to children and adults across the UK and beyond. Learn more.


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