Hub Media Round up: November 2020

01 Dec 2020

loowatt madagascar

(Loowatt toilets being installed in Madagascar)

  • Congratulations to Robok - they have recently been named as one of five winners of the ZenzicUK CAM Scale-Up programme. Find out more about the programme and the winners here.

  • 2019 Launchpad Competition winner Spyras have announced the development of their low cost and disposable 'Smart Mask' paper sensor technology, which monitors and displays respiratory information in real time. Learn more.
  • We are thrilled to see Hub Members Soundbops, Kenoteq and Notpla have been nominated for a Beazley Designs of the Year award from The Design Museum - congratulations! The public vote is open to help decide who wins - to vote and see who else has been nominated.
  • Congratulations to Spyras - they were named as Med Tech Online's 'Materials Innovation' Award winner for their disposable, paper-based wearable device for continuous real-time breathing analysis in hospitals. Learn why here.
  • Loowatt was recently commissioned to install Loowatt toilets in the fan zone in Antananarivo, Madagascar, ready for supporters to cheer on the national team in the African Nations Cup qualifier.
  • Huge congratulations to Jelly Drops - their sugar free hydrating confectionary has won the Innovation category of the Journal of Dementia Care Awards.

  • Samantha Payne, COO and Co-founder of Open Bionics has received an MBE for her work democratising 3D printed bionic technology for amputees all around the world. Learn more.
  • Congratulations to AgriTech startup EcoNomad for securing a European Horizon 2020 SME Associate grant for R&D support - this funding allow them to hire a PhD researcher for a year to boost the development of their product Bionomad.
  • Loowatt were awarded a grant from "The Sustainable Innovation Fund" by Innovate UK, which is investing up to £191 million to fund research and development projects, with the aim of helping all sectors of the UK rebuild after the effects of COVID-19.
  • Great to see Sorin Popa, CEO of Pathfinder Medical profiled by The Engineer UK on his medical technology that promises to revolutionise dialysis treatment. Sorin was awarded the Academy's Sir George Macfarlane Medal, a special award for young engineers. Read it here.
  • Great to see startup Hammer's drone automation technology in action - Canadian reforestation startup Flash Forest recently utilised Hammer to help automate mapping, planting and surveying of forests to plant more trees. Learn more.


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