Hub Member product launch: Neurofenix release smart game controller to revolutionise stroke rehabilitation exercise

15 Oct 2018

There are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK each year. Almost two-thirds of stroke survivors leave hospital with a disability, with arms and hands most commonly affected.

After experiencing strokes within their families, Guillem Singla Buxarrais and Dimitris Athanasiou co-founded digital health startup, Neurofenix, to increase the accessibility and effectiveness of post-stroke rehabilitation.

In 2017, Guillem was awarded an Enterprise Fellowship supported by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 to continue to develop the technology for a cost-effective tool for independent home exercise and an alternative to the physiotherapy that many cannot afford.

We are pleased to share that Guillem and the Neurofenix team have now launched their first product, the Neuroball.

Guillem said: “The Enterprise Fellowship had a profound impact on Neurofenix’s progress and reducing our time to market. Our mentor and the Enterprise team provided invaluable support throughout.”

NeurofenixAbout NeuroBall:

  • The revolutionary NeuroBall is now available to purchase in the exclusive Early Bird sale

  • The NeuroBall is available for just £359 when you purchase one of the first 100, a 50% discount

  • Developed alongside stroke survivors, their family members and therapists, NeuroBall makes stroke rehabilitation exercise engaging

NeuroBall enables stroke patients to improve gross motor movements and dexterity in their hand and arm. It connects to tablet app NeurofenixTrain and allows users to play games. In doing so, the user trains upper limb movements.

The games inject a competitive element into repetitive exercise. In turn, this motivates users and makes exercising enjoyable. NeuroBall perfectly complements therapy and it can be used independently at home. Therapists can personalise usage to optimise at-home activity.

NeuroBall is suitable for a wide range of impairment levels, ranging from mild to severe. It has been developed with both early and chronic stroke survivors. Users can play a number of games that train different movements. The variety of games makes NeuroBall engaging for a diverse age group.

The NeuroBall is available for just £359 (inc. VAT) for the first 100 customers in their Early Bird sale. It is currently compatible with Android tablets. General release is expected in January 2019. The 50% introductory offer is only available whilst stocks last.


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