Electronics Engineer (Interns welcome) - Stoli Catalysts

Location: Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, UK
Closing date: 30 Aug 2020
Posted: 1 week ago

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Contract: Full-time, temporary
Salary: £15,000 - £25,000

Stoli Catalysts looks for an electronics engineer (intern or a more experienced graduate) to help us developing our product portfolio. We are looking for a candidate with hands-on experience on designing simple printed circuit boards, soldering, and programming microcontrollers with C.

Formal qualifications are secondary to the practical demonstrable experience.

The project involves working with our team and developing a control system for a chemical process. The electronics part involves circuit design, developing firmware, and manufacturing several prototype units. The system is simple from the electronics viewpoint and aims to perform a pre-defined sequence of steps on user input. Therefore, the position offers experience in a complete cycle of product development in close contact with piloting users.

We hope that the product will be successful and the product could be extended to a broader range of relevant offers; resulting in a permanent position. At the moment, the position is a 3-month fixed term. Some work s to be performed at our Wellesbourne premises with high flexibility and possibility to work substantial time from home.

Please submit your CV and 1-page cover letter . The applications will be on the first-come, first served basis; we have only one opening so do not delay! The submission email shall contain 2 attachments named surname _CV.pdf and surname_cover.pdf, submissions in any other format will not be considered. Please consider your travel arrangements to Wellesbourne campus (CV35 9EF).

To apply for this role, please click here.


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