Ooho Machine Senior Mechanical Engineer - Notpla

Location: London, UK
Closing date: 07 Jul 2021
Posted: 2 weeks, 3 days ago

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About Notpla

Notpla is a VC-backed, London start-up whose ambitious mission is 'to make packaging disappear'. It is leading the way in developing biodegradable packaging, made from seaweed and plants, to produce a range of home compostable products and reduce unnecessary plastic in the environment.

The Company’s first product “Ooho” is a flexible packaging for liquids that biodegrades in 4-6 weeks, or can even be eaten, and has been used to distribute Lucozade at the London Marathon, to provide ‘edible cocktails’ at festivals, and to replace ketchup sachets for Just Eat. The company is also developing other products that will soon be launched, including a liner for boxes and a film to replace plastic wraps, all of which will also be home compostable and biodegradable in nature.

Notpla is both the name of the company and the material that makes our packaging so sustainable. Our R&D team spans across chemistry, engineering and design to develop new materials and new manufacturing technologies that can solve the plastic crisis. Innovation lies at the intersection of these multidisciplinary skill sets and we foster a collaborative and proactive attitude to problem solving.

Our innovative solutions might have gone viral on social and been seen by a billion people but don’t get us wrong, we’re all about impact and delivering on our promise of a world free from single use plastic packaging.

Notpla is made up of a tight-knit team of highly talented, deeply passionate people who are excited by the opportunity to challenge the world, are not afraid of doing things differently, and are truly committed to putting an end to our plastic pollution problem. If you are ready for an opportunity to jump in, tackle challenges head-on, contribute to a world-changing solution and have a bit of fun along the way, then we would love you to apply!

Job Description

Our Engineering Team develops solutions related to the manufacturing process of Oohos. We are developing machines that transform our materials, shape and fill Oohos reliably, and are able to operate relatively autonomously in our own production space or at our clients sites. Our ambition is to make these machines as affordable as possible to reach a maximum impact, and we have active plans for next generation versions which will be specialised for different environments and use cases. The team is responsible for the design, prototyping, fabrication, reliability testing, installation and maintenance of Notpla’s machines. 

Notpla is seeking a Senior Mechanical Engineer to take a leading role in the design, evaluation, prototyping and testing of our manufacturing machine. We are looking for someone who can turn new technical ideas into robust prototypes, and see projects through to final completion.

Our processes involve controlling a wide range of components including pumping fluids, controlling motors, sensors, pistons, 2 axis motion control valves, spray systems... so any past experience in those fields will be beneficial. 


  • Develop new designs for next generation of machines.

  • Manage the planning and organisation of the design and build of Ooho machines.

  • Plan, conduct, and document experiments for evaluation of new or improved sub elements and processes.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with external fabricators and general contractors to ensure equipment is built and assembled on time and according to Notpla’s specifications.

  • Evaluate equipment and techniques that can improve our process.

  • Interface and collaborate with the rest of the Ooho teams in Chemistry, Design, Production, Commercial and Impact.

  • Understand and conform to relevant safety standards including but not limited to industrial machines and food grade equipment.

  • Keep the prototype shop facilities in good working order and equipped with the appropriate tools to enable success.

  • Help the company to strengthen its IP portfolio by documenting innovative solutions.


  • Masters or Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering or similar

  • 7+ Years of industrial/mechanical engineering experience

  • Demonstrable experience in developing packaging/food machines

  • Ability to support and train junior engineers and technicians

  • Strong CAD skills

  • Knowledge in PLCs (Siemens/Beckhoff), automation, and controls systems 

  • Experience with liquids/pumping fluids. IP rated environments

  • Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose equipment operational issues

  • Ability to calibrate and fine tune experimental machines

  • Excellent hands-on skill in prototyping and working with materials in a workshop

  • Ability to multi-task and set priorities according to changing requirements

  • Desire to do the impossible with a positive and professional attitude!


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