Research Scientist - Stoli Catalysts

Location: Wellsbourne, UK
Posted: 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Stoli Catalysts aim to make chemical manufacturing faster, cheaper, and more sustainable. We look for a chemist or chemical engineer to help us demonstrate our new scalable reactor (SABRe) and develop further products. We are looking for a candidate with hands-on experience in experimental chemistry and processes. Formal qualifications are secondary to enthusiasm, ability to learn, and practical demonstrable experience.

We would like to perform internal case studies of our novel reactor – carry out and benchmark simple chemistries compared to standard batch reactors, and mass-transfer performance of our reactors during scale-up. The work involves planning the experiments, working with chemicals, setting up the experimental systems, and carrying out analysis with our team. The work also involves visits to customers and carrying out customer projects in demonstrating the advantages of our reactor. Experience in organic chemistry is desirable but not a strict requirement. Therefore, the position requires hands-on experience in safe laboratory work.

The position starts with a one year fixed term contract, likely extension to permanent; competitive salary. The work will be performed at our Wellesbourne premises.

Please submit your CV but please do not submit the cover letter. You may write up to 100 words in the email to describe any relevant circumstances. Instead, please do answer the following questions in less than 80 words each: 

  • what do you do for fun? 
  • where are your skills most lacking for this role? 
  • what skills would you most like to learn? 
  • what would you feel proud to accomplish over the 12 months? 

Please answer these mandatory questions and put them at the top of your CV document. The applications will remain open until closed with bi-weekly to monthly updates to the candidates without a deadline. The applicants will be considered bi-weekly on 1 and 15 of each month; we have only one opening so do not delay!

The submission shall contain 1 attachment named surname_CV.pdf – the file shall start with 1 page of questions and follow with the CV, submissions in any other format will not be considered. Please consider your travel arrangements to Wellesbourne (CV359EF).

We are keen on promoting equality and diversity. All eligible applications are considered and feedback on eligible applications could be provided. Various flexible start day/working patterns could be discussed.

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