Launchpad Competition 2018 - vote for your favourite young innovator

15 Nov 2018

Now in its fifth year, the Launchpad Competition seeks to find the UK's most promising young technology entrepreneur. The winner receives the JC Gammon Award - a £15,000 cash prize, plus a year of bespoke training and mentoring - to kickstart their business.

The winner is chosen at a live final and for the other finalists, there is the chance to win the People's Choice Award - a £1,000 runner-up prize which the public help decide via an online vote. The vote is open now and will close at 7.10pm on Thursday 22 November after each finalist has pitched in front of the judges and event attendees.

Can't make the final? Watch the finalists' video pitches now and cast your vote! Or, register to attend the final for free and see the pitches in person before you decide.

  1. Nathan Macabuag, 23 years old, founder of Mitt -  comfortable and adjustable prostheses that users can fit themselves, creating a cheaper and more accessible solution for patients

  2. Connell McLaughlin, 19 years old, founder of Route Reports - custom hardware and software for transport companies to predict and fix hazards

  3. Rafaël Michali, 23 years old, founder of Caura - a next-generation tracker which unlocks your molecular signature to help you train smarter, optimise diet plans, and reduce injury risk

  4. Rowan Minkley, 23 years old, co-founder of Chip[s] Board - an eco-friendly wood substitute made from industrial potato waste

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