Launchpad Competition 2017 – Vote for the young innovator of the year

15 Sep 2017

Former winners include Niall Kent with Aerograft (2014), James Roberts, founder of mOm Incubators (2015) and Soundbops creator Michael Tougher (2016).

Learn about this year's innovators and their visions for the future below and then vote for your favourite concept at the bottom of the page. 

Nick Schweitzer, Klydo

Delivering moments of insight in our complex and changing world

You don’t have to be a visionary to realise that our world is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Consumer expectations, technologies and brand experiences are all witnessing incredible levels of change and the rate is only going to increase. This poses an unimaginable level of complexity and makes spotting future commercial opportunities, or threats, a real challenge.

Now imagine if you had your own research assistant that could read millions of news articles, blogs, company websites, crowdfunding sites and product listings in a matter of seconds and show you relevant consumer trends, product innovations and disruptive technologies. This is exactly what we’ve built at Klydo, using next-generation artificial intelligence and slick data visualisations, all wrapped up in a simple and intuitive platform.

Our vision is to give everyone the ability to spot the next big opportunity, by delivering moments of insight in our complex and changing world.

Brittany Harris, Q.Flow

Real time data for a smarter, healthier site

We are a new technical company offering sensor and telemetry solutions to the construction and engineering industries that allow real-time monitoring of a range of environmental parameters. We are a team experienced in both the engineering and environmental sectors. We started working together on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in New York to help businesses better manage their impacts, and since returning to the UK, we have started to build a new online platform for live data feeds; connecting to remote sensors in the field and allowing operators to view data on a 24/7 basis. We help businesses manage their environmental risks on construction and development sites, combining telemetry systems with an online data analytics platform for a full end-to-end data management package. We monitor, record, and transmit data. We enable  prevention of environmental pollution incidents. We encourage sustainable solutions. We are Q.Flow.

Jack Pearson, EngX

Personalised products? Tailored robotics? EngX makes custom standard through automation.

EngX has developed a manufacturing process that automates the production of customised products. The EngX One builds fully functioning products from scratch, without an operator in sight.

How does it work? Our technology combines 3D printing, assembly and electronics into one integrated process. It prints a products's structure, inserting components and connecting electrically as needed, automating the entire production process. No skilled labour nor factory reconfiguration is needed and there are no errors.

This technology will revolutionise personalised prosthetics, custom wearables and application specific robotics.  Support EngX in its mission to unlock the next generation of custom products and bring production back to the UK!

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