Enterprise Hub: EXPLORE - FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions relating to the programme. If there are key questions or if you would like further information, please contact katie.saddleton@raeng.org.uk  

What is the aim of the EXPLORE Programme?  

Enterprise Hub: EXPLORE aims to provide tailored and practical support for Enterprise Hub alumni working in deep tech to increase their visibility, forge invaluable connections and create opportunities for export and investment in other advanced economies and markets. 


Who should apply? 

This programme has been designed for Enterprise Hub alumni; therefore, applicants should be an alumnus of one of the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub’s programmes; Enterprise Fellowships, Shott Scale-up Accelerator, having completed the programme in full.  

Each round of the programme will focus on a different deep tech sector and focus on preparing the cohort to learn more about a certain market. Please see the main page or eligibility pages to confirm the round’s sector and location when applying.  

The Academy is committed to diversity and welcomes nominations and nominees from women and other groups who are currently under-represented across engineering, as well as recognising the full breadth of engineering.

How many places are there on the programme? 

The programme is designed to support up to five promising Enterprise Hub alumnus. Through focusing on a small cohort, the offer and content can evolve and be guided by the personal strengths and challenges of each individual company.  

Will the programme be delivered online or in person? 

The programme has been designed to follow a hybrid delivery model comprised of in-person and virtual elements. We recognise that cohort delegates are busy and may not be based in London, therefore in-person activities are only offered when we know the most benefit will be derived (including the face-to-face international mission). Please note the programme will run in accordance with any government guidelines at the given time.  

Can another member of the team attend on my behalf? 

For certain workshops another member of your team may be able to attend on your behalf where their expertise is applicable. For example, a sales and marketing manager can attend any sales or marketing related workshops or discussions. Attendance by other members of your team will be limited to a maximum of two sessions to ensure the main benefit is focused on the successful applicant. The successful applicant will be required to attend the induction day, international mission and demo day showcase.  Please note the full list of programme sessions will be informed by the successful cohort’s needs.  

What funding is available on the programme? 

Grant funding of £25k is available to support your deep tech company to embed your learnings from the programme. This may include, but is not limited to, visits for the purpose of relationship building with partners, value add activities, access to advisory support or consultants and/or pivoting companies’ plans.  

Am I eligible to apply? 

If you are an Enterprise Hub alumnus working in deep tech you may be eligible to apply. Please see the eligibility page for full details.  

Each round of the programme will focus on a different deep tech sector and focus on preparing the cohort to learn more about a certain market. Please see the main page or eligibility pages to confirm the round’s sector and location when applying. If you are unsure if you qualify as an eligible potential applicant, please contact the Senior Programme Manager, Katie Saddleton.  

Are there any regional restrictions? 

The company must be based in the UK and registered with Companies House. For multinational companies, the Head Office must be based in the UK and the measures above must apply to the entire company, not just the UK office. We welcome applications from companies across the UK. 

What is the time commitment? 

Applicants must be able to commit to a three-month programme. This will include a weekly workshop or discussion session. In person commitments (based on Government guidelines at the time) will include the induction event, 10-day international mission to the US (inclusive of travel), and graduation event. A minimum number of sessions will be set to attend however the content is shaped around the cohort; this will be confirmed at a later date.

In the case that a member of your team is better suited to attend the workshop, they may attend on your behalf (a limit will be put on how many times this is possible to ensure the main applicant is able to benefit from the programme).

Do you cover travel and accommodation costs? 

For programme-related sessions and events where in-person attendance is required by participants, such as the induction day or the demo day and showcase, we will cover travel and accommodation costs within the UK. We will also cover international travel and accommodation expenses as part of this programme’s international mission. 

How will my proposal be assessed? 

All applications will be reviewed by an assessment panel consisting of Fellows of the Academy with entrepreneurial and industrial experience and representatives from the investment community. Applications will be reviewed against the criteria listed in the guidance notes therefore we encourage applicants to read these carefully. Each application is assessed and scored by at least two members of the Panel. Successful applicants are decided following a Panel shortlisting and selection meeting. While there are no scheduled interviews for the Enterprise Hub Genesis programme, please note that the selection panel may request an interview if more information is required. 

What criteria do the panel use when assessing applications? 

Applications will be judged on their individual merits; there is no specific number of awards that the Academy must make in each year, but the maximum is 5 per cohort. If an application does not meet the standard of excellence required by the assessment process, it will not proceed, regardless of the number of other suitable applicants. 

Who will have access to my application and how will my company data be treated? 

Applications are accessible by the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub team and used for the purpose of processing the application, making, and administering awards, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting, including statistical analysis in relation to the evaluation of the programme.  In assessing your application, details are shared with Panel Members who consist of Fellows of the Academy with entrepreneurial and industrial experience and representatives from the investment community. All Panel members agree to a confidentiality agreement prior to joining and are obligated to declare any conflicts of interest with any applicants.  

If a conflict of interest is declared, the Panel Member will not have access to that application. Members of the Enterprise Hub team will also be able to view the applications. Details of the applications will be kept confidential within the review process. 

Can I reapply? 

Yes, providing you meet the programme’s eligibility criteria and are interested in the round’s sector and location there are no limits on reapplications. If you would like feedback on your previous application, please contact the Senior Programme Manager, Katie Saddleton

The programme sounds great, but I’m not ready to apply yet. What should I do? 

If you want to apply another time and to be notified when we re-open applications, please register here. Please note however that the sector and location are subject to change for each round.  

Are there any fees? 

The programme is completely free - we do not charge fees or take an equity stake. 

Further information 

If you have any queries after reading the guidance notes and the above FAQs, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Programme Manager, Katie Saddleton


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