Enterprise Hub: EXPLORE

Status: Closed
Deadline: 17 Jan 2022, 16:00

The Enterprise Hub’s new offer has been designed to provide unparalleled support for Enterprise Hub alumni working in deep tech. Deep tech companies face the significant challenges of raising sufficient capital, require more time to build, and exhibit considerable market and technology risk. While subsectors of deep tech may face other unique challenges as well, sadly many fail to overcome the challenges of risk, capital and time and therefore fail to meet their potential.

The Enterprise Hub: Explore programme has ambitions to tackle the common challenges for UK deep tech companies. Each three-month (12 week) programme cycle will be curated around one sector and market which will drive the content and inform the location for an unmissable international mission. The first cycle is designed exclusively for Enterprise Hub alumni working in deep tech life sciences and will prepare the cohort around the US market, including an international mission to Massachusetts. Check your eligibility here. 

For deep tech life science companies, US expansion and fundraising are important steps in their roadmaps. The US offers significant investment and commercial opportunities, however establishing operations and cementing one’s place in the ecosystem can be challenging without careful planning and an awareness of cultural differences. 

Across 12 weeks up to five promising deep tech company founders will move through a curated programme of training and events while having unmatched access to, and insights from, a network of industry-experts, mentors, coaches, fellow deep tech founders, investors and business support providers.

The programme will deepen their understanding of this market, offer practical support, and prepare them for an unmissable international mission to the US. 

By the end of the programme, each company founder will step away feeling more confident to begin or strengthen operations in the US, while being able to answer: 

  • What do we bring to the ecosystem?  

  • What do we want from the ecosystem?  

  • How do we interact with others to achieve our goals? 

The founders will have also received key information about setting up and growing an operation in the US and introductions to DIT colleagues in the UK and at post in the USA; they will have access to a network of: local peers, mentors, investors, and local accelerators.   

What will you receive? 

We will work intensively with successful applicants to provide support customised to your specific needs, and sector, by providing: 

  • Deep tech support: a programme curated to address the specific deep tech challenges your sector faces, informed by industry experts, to empower you to take the next steps.   

  • Grant funding: £25,000 of equity free funding intended to support your deep tech company to implement the learning from the programme.

  • Training: expert-led workshops and discussions tailored to you, including:  

  • Raising US capital and exploiting commercial opportunities 

  • Optimising your US expansion strategy  

  • Recruitment and establishing US operations  

  • Understanding the political and investment landscapes for deep tech  

  • US cultural differences and expectations for UK companies 

  • US regulatory and approval frameworks for deep tech life sciences companies 

  • Strengthening your IP strategy 

  • Mentoring and coaching: US and UK solution-orientated mentoring and coaching support to develop your company’s strengths and refine your product roadmap.

  • Networks: opportunities to network with experts, fellow deep tech founders, investors across the UK and US, as well as Fellows of the Academy and expat community in the US, all to help raise your profile and forge new connections.

  • International mission: an international mission (10 days inclusive of travel), free to you, filled with unmissable meetings and events to increase your exposure as a leading UK deep tech company backed by the Academy and its prestigious networks, while gaining on the ground insights in Massachusetts, US.

  • Peer to peer support: opportunities work closely with a small cohort of fellow Enterprise Hub alumni working in your sector to provide mutual support around common deep tech challenges.   

Places on the programme are gained through a competitive application process, and are awarded without charge. We do not charge fees or take equity. 

Applicants will be assessed on the quality of the engineering innovation, amongst other factors (see further below).  

Why should I apply? 

What takes some companies years to learn, EXPLORE brings together in a concise programme for you to learn in months.   

This zero-equity programme will provide an unrivalled package of support, access to networks of deep tech founders, experts, mentors, investors and business support providers and coaches in the UK and in the US and is bursting full of solution-orientated support to enable you to take your deep tech company to the next stage. 

The EXPLORE programme is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors: The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 

If you require further information about the content of the EXPLORE programme, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Programme Manager, Katie Saddleton

To see key dates for the programme please visit the time commitment and key dates page. 

To see the full eligibility criteria please visit the eligibility page

Application and assessment: 

Places on the programme are gained through a competitive application process.  

For full details of how to apply and the assessment process, please visit the how to apply page and check out our guidance notes.


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