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Enterprise Fellowships

This scheme is open until 4pm, 2 October 2017. Enterprise Fellowships provide funding and support ...
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Launchpad Competition

The Launchpad Competition helps to enable a budding engineering entrepreneur aged 19-25 to start a new business based...
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SME Leaders

The SME Leaders programme will support promising leaders of high growth engineering SMEs.  We aim to support the...
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Africa Prize

The Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation aims to stimulate, celebrate and reward innovation and entrepreneurship in...
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Future of Engineering

The UK is home to engineering excellence - we want to promote entrepreneurship as a path for top engineering talent and...
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MacRobert Award

The MacRobert Award, first presented in 1969, honours the winning organisation with a gold medal, and each of the...
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Silver Medal

The Silver Medal recognises an outstanding and demonstrated personal contribution to UK engineering, which results in...
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Pathways to Growth

Pathways to Growth Awards supported training programmes that will improve the skills of engineering entrepreneurs and...

21 August 2017

Schemes & Awards

Through the Enterprise Hub, the Royal Academy of Engineering offers a number of grants aimed at identifying and supporting the next generation of high potential entrepreneurs and prizes celebrating success in innovation and entrepreneurship.