Florence Gschwend

Dr Florence Gschwend

Dr Florence Gschwend is CEO and Co-Founder of Lixea

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Piggy bank

A finance 101 through Covid-19: Extend your runway with R&D Tax Credits

Missed our ‘Extend your runway with R&D Tax Credits’ webinar from our Building Future Resilience series? Good news - we’ve collated a snapshot of key learnings for startups and businesses navigating financial challenges through Covid-19.

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TribeHive App

Enterprise Hub member technology to feed data-hungry football crowds

The problem of not being able to get a smartphone data connection in crowded football stadiums could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to UK start-up TribeHive

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CustoMem receives €1.4 million grant to accelerate its product to market

A transformational European Commission grant is set to dramatically accelerate biomaterial start-up CustoMem's commercialsation.

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