David Ball FREng

Business rejuvenation is too important to leave until it’s essential

David Ball brings his extensive experience as Executive Director and CEO for numerous businesses world wide forth in his blog about the importance of planning for business rejuvenation

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Yang Lu

Spotlight Series: Interview with Yang Lu, CTO and Co-founder of Vivacity Labs

From engineer to entrepreneur - we spoke to Yang Lu, CTO and Co-founder of Vivacity Labs, who tells us about his AI software that is aiming to revolutionise urban mobility, by analysing road user behaviour to help improve road infrastructure. Get to know him here.

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Nick Schweitzer pitch

Machine learning engineer named UK’s most promising young tech entrepreneur

The 25-year-old inventor of a machine learning tool to help brands uncover future ideas, has been named as the UK’s most promising young technology entrepreneur by the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub.

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Safer end of engineering: How to plan for the end of life of your innovation

How do you plan for the end of life of your innovation? We held a Safer End of Engineering Life workshop with the Academy's Engineering X team to find out.

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New automation technology takes stock in real-time

New system uses RFID and automation technology to immediately alert retailers if an item is in stock. Real-time stock information helps save time and increase sales. Data collected helps retailers shape stock decisions, store layout and shopping experience to increase sales in the future.

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One world

Net Zero: How are engineering and technology entrepreneurs helping?

In this mini blog series, we explore the integral role engineering and technology entrepreneurs play in helping the UK achieve Net Zero, in celebration of COP26.

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the Taylor Centre

Welcome to the Taylor Centre - a new home for the Hub

Blog post by Ian Shott CBE FREng, Chair of the Enterprise Committee

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