Joe Mcgeehan

Professor Joe McGeehan CBE

Emeritus Professor, Bristol University; high tech adviser West of England Local Enterprise Partnership

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Launchpad 2017

Launchpad Competition Final 2019

Find out who will win this life-changing opportunity at the Launchpad Competition Final 2019.

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Andrew Muir 2020

Dr Andrew Muir

Director of the Midven

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Arthur Kay new

Spotlight Series: Interview with Arthur Kay, CEO and Founder of Skyroom

For December, we spoke to Arthur Kay, CEO and founder of Skyroom, an urban design company seeking to improve the availability of housing for key workers. Find out how here.

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Iris Kramer

Spotlight Series: Interview with Dr Iris Kramer, CEO and Founder of ArchAI

For February, we spoke to Dr Iris Kramer, CEO and founder of ArchAI, an archaeology technology platform that can quickly identify locations of historical importance. Find out how here.

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Michael Korn

Spotlight Series: Interview with Michael Korn, CEO and founder of KwickScreen

For May, we spoke to Michael Korn, CEO and founder of KwickScreen, a medical technology startup that aims to help improve privacy and space problems in hospitals. Find out how.

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