Claire Fenwick

Claire Fenwick

Smart systems for wastewater management have the potential to transform sewers, by reducing sewer flooding and environmental pollution. Managing Director, Claire, leads nuron in developing a customer test-bed and bringing their solutions for improving sewer performance to market.

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Cristina Blanco Andujar

Dr Cristina Blanco Andujar

Dr Cristina Blanco Andujar, Head of Research and Development at MediSieve, helps doctors to rapidly target and remove infected cells from a patient’s bloodstream using a technique known as magnetic blood filtration.

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Three £50,000 funds launched to help graduate innovators become world-changing entrepreneurs

The Royal Academy of Engineering has launched its first grant exclusively aimed at supporting recent UK engineering graduates and their potentially ground-breaking innovations.

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the Taylor Centre

Taylor Centre opens to accelerate the innovations of tomorrow

The Royal Academy of Engineering is today opening the Taylor Centre, a new space that will underpin the growth of an increasingly vibrant and influential entrepreneurial community created by the Academy’s Enterprise Hub. It will help transform the UK’s best and brightest engineering technology entrepreneurs into the business leaders of tomorrow by providing a brand new place to network, work, and develop their skills.

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