Florence Gschwend

Dr Florence Gschwend

Dr Florence Gschwend is CEO and Co-Founder of Lixea

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Alex Reip large.jpg

Alexander Reip

A novel coating technology developed by Oxford nanoSystems is revolutionising the production of materials used in heat exchange systems, such as those in air-conditioning units.

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ryian ludwick large.jpg

Ryian Ludwick

Ludwick Precision is a specialist in the design and manufacture of high-end, bespoke products from sheet, box and tubular metal, for use in office and laboratory environments.

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David Tuch large

Dr David Tuch

Lightpoint Medical has developed a novel imaging device to improve success in cancer surgery by helping surgeons to remove cancerous tissue, while leaving healthy tissue intact.

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mathew holloway large.jpg

Mathew Holloway

Q-Bot blends expert knowledge in energy-efficient buildings and artificial intelligence to create smart solutions for the construction industry.

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