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Supporting the best in innovation

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At the Hub we encourage engineers to expand their innovative work by becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own companies. You can find out more about our series of prestigious programmes and awards here.

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We believe the brightest people have the power to change our world for the better.

Celebrating Five Years

Since 2013 we have been empowering engineering entrepreneurs to build bold and disruptive enterprises that have a positive impact on society.

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The Enterprise Hub

At the Enterprise Hub, we work to discover, celebrate and support the country’s next generation of brilliant engineering entrepreneurs.

Through our programmes and competitions, we match the best UK-based engineers and inventors with mentors from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Each of these prominent business angels, industry leaders, investors and business icons provides bespoke support to help shape ideas into a commercially viable reality. 

With the mentors' unparalleled experience, networks, insights into funding and so much more, we make sure that Hub members get their move to market right. And our mentors get to be in at the beginning of the most exciting new technologies and companies in the UK.

Become a member, and find out how the Enterprise Hub can help take your ideas from the whiteboard to the world.

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Success story

The career path of an entrepreneur: Bethan Wolfenden

Bethan developed a 'DNA lab in a bag' to allow people to carry out genetic experiments at home. Here she discusses her career path as an entrepreneur.

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Success story

Identifying the opportunity: Janice Kiely

Janice discovered that magnetic particles could be used to test for contaminants in meat, and decided to develop a robust and low-cost test kit. Here she discusses the importance of identifying your opportunity.

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Success story

Finding your calling and securing support: Nicola Irwin

Nicola developed a lubricant coating to reduce pain and discomfort for millions of global catheter users. Here she describes her path to securing support.

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£280 billion
the contribution of engineering-related sectors to the UK's gross value added (GVA), equivalent to 20%
the proportion of the total value of UK exports made up by engineering goods and services.
£481 billion
The contribution of engineering to the UK economy Source: ONS


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