Regional Talent Engines

Status: Currently closed and will reopen for applications 14 March 2022

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Do you dream of starting up your own business, changing the world and being your own boss?  

The Regional Talent Engines programme is a new offer that will provide a tailored programme of support to aspiring engineering and technology entrepreneurs in different regions of the UK. This year the Enterprise Hub will deliver a Regional Talent Engine in four regions of the UK: Northern Ireland, north west England, north east England, and Yorkshire and Humber. 

The programme is designed to provide you with the practical support you need to help refine your innovation and bring your vision to life. By the end of the programme you will be ready to seek further support for your new startup or pitch for your first investment to bring your innovation to market. 

Places on the programme will be awarded through a competitive application process, with the most promising entrepreneurs gaining a place. 

Programme currently closed (for Northern Ireland, north west England and north east England) via this application form.

Deadline 4 January 2022, 10am (for Yorkshire & Humber) We are partnering with University of York Phase One Incubator for residents of Yorkshire & Humber. Please fill out this application form. You'll hear back from the Incubator team within 5 working days. Once you join Phase One in January 2022, you will be invited to apply to the Regional Talent Engines programme -  the Royal Academy of Engineering's offer (see below). Whether you are successful or not with your RTE application, you will still be able to take part on Phase One for 12 months.

Who is eligible to apply? 

  • Recent leavers from Further Education colleges (graduated since September 2016) who have a achieved a technical qualification (engineering or related subject) at levels 3-5 

  • Mid- or later- career engineers or technologists who have been working in skilled jobs and are seeking a career change as an entrepreneur 

Please see the guidance notes for the full eligibility criteria. 

What do we provide? 

Programme delivery in each region will be slightly different but with the same objectives. The programme outline on this page may be subject to change. 

For Northern Ireland, north west England and north east England, the programme will run in two phases. Those accepted onto phase one will receive training and 1-2-1 support. They will then pitch their plan and next steps to a judging panel for selection to phase two. Those accepted onto phase two will receive: 

  • Equity free funding of £20,000 towards living and business support costs 

  • Expert mentoring 

  • Training, roundtables, and events 

  • 1-2-1 coaching 

  • Access to our co-working and meeting space, the Taylor Centre, in central London 

Places on the programme are awarded without charge. We do not charge fees or take equity. 

What should you expect from the Regional Talent Engines? 

The six-month programme is designed to support those at the early stage of their journey and help transform great ideas into new engineering solutions, getting businesses off the ground and ready to pursue further support. 

Two phased programme 

The first phase of the programme will take place over three weeks for up to 15 individuals per region. You’ll learn the skills you need to test and validate ideas and understand product and service design. At the end of this phase you’ll need to submit an updated proposal and next steps and deliver a short pitch and Q&A with a panel of judges who will select up to 10 to progress to phase two. 

Phase two will be approximately five months and is designed to accelerate your startup journey. This phase will include further training, mentoring and 1-2-1 support as you spend the vast majority of your time pursuing the aims you set out to achieve.  

Make invaluable connections 

You’ll be connected to a network of peers who will support you through the programme. We’ll also connect you with the Hub’s partners and wider networks to help you find the support you need. 

Shape your business 

Through your training and mentoring, you will develop new ideas about how to shape your business strategy for the highest chance of success. Our package of support will help you implement new ideas, validate your assumptions and hit your milestones, be it trialling a prototype, speaking to your first customers, or working out your route to market. 

Accelerate your growth 

We’ll teach you the building blocks for laying the foundations of a successful business and help you communicate your vision through the perfect pitch. We’ll introduce you to the right people who can help you grow. 

Hub member for life! 

If you successfully complete the Regional Talent Engines programme, you will be invited to become a Hub member. You’ll join our alumni community of Hub members and continue to have access to networking events and relevant opportunities.  

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The Regional Talent Engines programme is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors: The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 


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